Hello, there!

I’m Jason Moak. I'm a {web/visual/digital} designer and end-user advocate in Memphis, TN, creating relevant web experiences and digital products that are easy to use. I enjoy collaborating with other talented people to create smart solutions and great results.

Please have a look at some of my work. For more about me, please see below & get in touch.

Web Projects

Extended Stay

Extended Stay Conference Mobile App

The mobile app was designed and developed for use at the annual conference in Houston, TX. Major features attendees were able to utilize were: view and search for other attendees, view maps of the campus, see a overall general schedule and view their customized schedule. This was a web app as opposed to a native app, so we could forgo the app stores and also be able to push updates at a moments notice.

I was the Information Architect, designer and front-end developer for this project.


The hip and modern architecture firm located in the art district in downtown Memphis needed a new presence to replace their existing Flash-based site, which was giving them no love on iOS devices.

I partnered with the archimaniacs to help them come up with a super minimal look with a very streamlined interface. This responsive site is built on Bootstrap making it usable on any computer or handheld device. It is also integrated with the super friendly and awesome Concrete5 content management system.

Behind the Scenes

BTS asked me to overhaul their existing site. The overall structure remains similar to the previous version of the site with navigation still on the left column, but the site now has a more modern aesthetic and is built on Bootstrap and Concrete5 CMS for easy updating.

J Romine Construction

Jason Romine is a general contractor in the Nashville area and is making lots of people happy with their new kitchen, baths, custom cabinetry and additions.

We are in the final stages of reprogramming this site we developed about 3 years ago. It's being upgraded to the Bootstrap framework, making the site responsive to better cater to visitors on handheld devices, while keeping desktop patrons happy as well. This new site is built on the Concrete5 CMS so the site and image galleries can be edited by the client.

J Romine Construction

Dan Meadows Nature Photography

This site is all about the imagery, with a clean and simple responsive layout so nothing gets in the way of showcasing some really great photography... on any screen size.

We chose to use the Koken Content Management System, which was built specifically for photography.

Cockadoos Restaurant

This restaurant is just steps from the world-class Redbirds stadium in downtown Memphis, adjacent to the historic Peabody Hotel.

Serving southern homemade style breakfast with a foodies twist, this is one of those places that should be on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Update: Unfortunately, this restaurant is no longer open, but this remains one of my favorite projects.

Northgate Animal Hospital

Northgate Animal Hospital is a really sweet veteranary clinic located in an old farm house. When I first started working with them, they had no web presence at all other than a Facebook page and an old White Pages website.

The site is built in Wordpress and features custom responsive CSS. It not only gave them an updated look over that free website, but also gave them a full featured website they could edit themselves.

Above Design

This site for a graphic designer is a one page layout. A collaborative effort on design driven largely by the client. She is a designer after all.

Shepherd's Haven

Serving Christ, Serving Exceptional Adults is the mantra of Shepherd's Haven. Offering a home for metally challenged adults where they can live and interact with others like themselves in a Christian atmosphere.

This site is in Wordpress and features a calendar of events and is also Responsive.

Wright Medical - MiToe

Microsite for Wright Medical's MiToe product, delivered on a thumb drive with other traditional literature.

Only the Patient Education Animation and the first FAQ video are active due to large file sizes. No video credit here. This project was created at V2 Media.

AIGA - Memphis Chapter

I did the first Memphis Chapter website when it became a member of the AIGA The Professional Association for Design.

This project created while at Patterson Graham.


This aviation aftermarket parts company website has some nice movement and I made about half of the illustrations and animated them all.

This project created while at Patterson Graham.

Print Projects


The Toyota Mississippi "Roadmap to Possibilities" event catered to 8th grade students, who may or may not have college plans. This was a map of the event floor provided to each student attending. The purpose was to give them career ideas and realize that they can make a good living without a degree.

The back of the floor map gave the students plenty of room to add notes for each of the stations throughout the event.


4' x 8' Display boards for the "Roadmap to Possibilities" event. This is just one of the 24 life-size boards for each of the different career path opportunites Toyota has to offer working in their plant. The employees were especially happy and proud to see themselves on display, taking selfies with their own display boards. These were printed on 4' x 8' half inch foam core.

Thoreau gift

This piece was commissioned as a personal gift. It is finished on a 12" canvas.                            


These three 36" wide x 96" tall roll up banners were portable to make them easy to take to tradeshows and events.


CD artwork for the National Hot Rod Association's annual DVD of the Hot Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY.

Motion Graphics

Homewood - Stronger

Motion graphics piece for an internal conference composed in After Effects, done as a collaboration with another designer.

Created at V2 Media

First Tennessee Bank - Small Business

Series of motion graphics pieces to run over Bloomberg TV inside bank branches. Composed in After Effects, done as a collaboration with another designer.

Created at Patterson Graham

First Tennessee Bank - Online Banking

Series of motion graphics pieces to run over Bloomberg TV inside bank branches. Composed in After Effects, done as a collaboration with another designer.

Created at Patterson Graham

First Tennessee Bank - Financial Planning

Series of motion graphics pieces to run over Bloomberg TV inside bank branches. Composed in After Effects, done as a collaboration with another designer.

Created at Patterson Graham



I've been designing and assembling all sorts of projects for the screen for over a decade, after a few years doing traditional graphic design and teaching myself a lot cool of things along the way.

Now I enjoy designing and writing HTML and CSS with an occasional print or motion graphics piece to tie it all together.

When I'm not planning or designing a web project I'm usually researching how to do something I've seen, discussed or thought of; researching and looking for inspiration; or reading one of the seemingly endless stream of articles on design or technology.


  • Planning & Visual Design
  • HTML / CSS / jQuery lib
  • Bootstrap / responsive web design
  • Creative Suite
  • Wordpress / Concrete5 / Joomla!
  • Motion Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Email Design & Templating