Proudly serving Mississippi Mud Coffee brewed on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

Mississippi Mud Coffee


John Henry

Metro 67 loves the breakfast at Cockadoos! Enjoyed the total experience of Cockadoos! Great decor, food and service!

Missy Ricketts

Breakfast was FABULOUS! My husband LOVED the BBQ omelet and sweet potato hashbrowns. My sunny-side up eggs were PERFECT as were the sausage patties and we both LOVED the cat-head biscuits with sausage gravy! Mississippi Mud coffee just may be my new favorite! Can't wait to try Cockadoo's for lunch!

Emily Hipsh

After we found out a place we had chosen for breakfast was closed, we wandered downtown to see what else we could find! Cockadoos was open and served breakfast! How lucky are we the first place was closed?!?!? Loved Cockadoo's and it's now my first choice for breakfast!

Jason Gibert

My 4 year old daughter and I went to Cockadoos for breakfast. We were met with smiles at the front door and the delicious smells of bacon, eggs, and coffee upon entering. We sat upstairs where we could observe the activity of the restaurant and 2nd street below. Our server was considerate, friendly, and prompt. And the food was incredible! Great food, great service, great atmosphere, and great ownership and management. What more could one ask for? Oh yeah, try the pulled pork omelette!"
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